Bdsm triskele - Meaning of the Triskele, Triple Spiral or Triskelion in Celtic Jewelry

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Triskelion, Triskele, or Triple Spiral: What Is the Meaning of this Ancient Celtic Symbol?

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About the BDSM Triskelion

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How To Draw A Triskele, Triskele, Step by Step, Drawing Guide, by Dawn

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What's the difference between a triquetra and a triskele?

Triskele bdsm Meaning

About the BDSM Triskelion

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A nice design, but the details do not identify it as the BDSM Emblem.

  • 16:53, 3 June 2009 UTC Sad to see fraternities outside of the US.

External links can be great, but they don't obviate the need for doing the basic work of defining something.

  • 09:40, 25 Nov 2004 UTC We had just put up an article in the Sicilian wikipedia on the Trisceli, when I stumbled across your excellent piece.