Wechat tcp port - Port 41775 (tcp/udp) :: SpeedGuide

Port wechat tcp Port 41775

微信流量伪装mkcp协议动态端口翻墙不稳定,总是间歇性不能翻墙,用一会就不能翻墙,要等10分钟左右才能继续翻墙,GFW可能已经识破微信流量伪装 · Issue #1636 · v2ray/v2ray

Port wechat tcp Port 41775

Openflow Protocol

Port wechat tcp FSI

Allow Whatsapp through the firewall

Port wechat tcp FSI

Port wechat tcp FSI


Port wechat tcp Skype protocol

Port wechat tcp Wechat cloud

Port 8080 (tcp/udp) :: SpeedGuide

Port wechat tcp What ports

What ports does WeChat use to transfer data?

Port wechat tcp 微信流量伪装mkcp协议动态端口翻墙不稳定,总是间歇性不能翻墙,用一会就不能翻墙,要等10分钟左右才能继续翻墙,GFW可能已经识破微信流量伪装 ·


Port wechat tcp Port 8080

WeChat Android Application Traffic Analysis and Pattern/Signature Extraction

The first opportunity focuses on the NAT functionality.

  • One typical example of a southbound API is OpenFlow protocol 3.

We list below a few examples of rules and actions for different purposes see also Figure 11.

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